Livestock Health Ontology (LHO)
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Last submission date April 3, 2024

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The Livestock Health Ontology (LHO) contains information on the health and well-being of livestock animal species such as cattle, pigs, and poultry. Furthermore, it represents the explicit structured and standardized framework for specific domain knowledge and data integration of livestock species. During the development process, knowledge can be retrieved from domain experts, and after the retrieving process, the prototype is designed for reasoning and planning of data related to cattle, pigs, and poultry. Moreover, LHO contains information regarding farms Identifications, their samples, geolocation, breed, diagnostic tests, Pathogen identifications, and Pathogen results for specific bacteria such as Histophilus Somni (HS), Mannheimia Haemolytica (MH), Pasteurella Multocida (PM), Bovine Coronavirus (BCV) bacterial mycoplasma and aerobic culture results for the respiratory diseases in cattle. This information is represented as concepts of classes, subclasses, and their relationship in the form of object and data properties. For pigs, it includes farm type, age, weight, pig stages and pathogens like PRRS, SwineInfluenza, and M_Hyponemoniea. In poultry, LHO incorporates farm type, with specific pathogen names such as Infectious Bronchitis (IB), providing a concise overview of health aspects across livestock species. Incorporating pathogen identification results, whether positive or negative, within the Livestock Health Ontology (LHO), not only enhances data organization but also supports projects like DECIDE EU Horizon 2020. By providing a structured framework for analyzing disease emergence and options for diagnostic confirmation, LHO contributes to the development of robust data-driven decision-support tools in livestock health management. See more...
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Disease emergence
Veterinary ontology
Disease surveillance
Livestock health
Cattle health
Poultry health
Livestock diseases Pathogen identification
Diagnostic tests Farm management
Animal health ontology
Data-driven decision support Livestock management
Pathogen detection
Pig health

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Farms and Farming Systems
Geographical Locations
Animal Science and Animal Products
Agricultural Research, Technology and Engineering
Health and Pathology
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Plant Phenotypes and Traits

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