Beet Ontology

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Internal mappings

Delete Mapping To Ontology Source Relations Woody Plant Ontology LOOM DEMETER Agriculture Information Model LOOM Smart Appliances REFerence ontology LOOM National Agricultural Library Thesaurus LOOM Experimental Factor Ontology LOOM The Extensible Observation Ontology LOOM Thesaurus of Plant Characteristics LOOM Agriculture and Forestry Ontology LOOM AGROVOC LOOM AGROVOC LOOM Global Agricultural Concept Scheme LOOM Brachiaria Ontology LOOM Brachiaria Ontology SAME_URI Banana Ontology LOOM Banana Ontology SAME_URI Bambara Groundnut Ontology LOOM Bambara Groundnut Ontology SAME_URI Potato Ontology LOOM Potato Ontology SAME_URI Barley Trait POLAPGEN Ontology LOOM Barley Trait POLAPGEN Ontology SAME_URI Oat Ontology LOOM Oat Ontology SAME_URI Pearl Millet Ontology LOOM Pearl Millet Ontology SAME_URI Castor Bean Ontology LOOM Castor Bean Ontology SAME_URI Cowpea Ontology LOOM Cowpea Ontology SAME_URI Barley ontology LOOM Barley ontology SAME_URI Soybean Ontology LOOM Soybean Ontology SAME_URI Lentil Ontology LOOM Lentil Ontology SAME_URI Wheat Plant Anatomy and Development Ontology LOOM Wheat Plant Anatomy and Development Ontology SAME_URI Sugar Kelp Ontology LOOM Sugar Kelp Ontology SAME_URI Brassica Ontology LOOM Brassica Ontology SAME_URI Maize Ontology LOOM Maize Ontology SAME_URI Multi-Crop Passport Ontology LOOM Multi-Crop Passport Ontology SAME_URI Mungbean Ontology LOOM Mungbean Ontology SAME_URI Common Bean Ontology LOOM Common Bean Ontology SAME_URI Sweet Potato Ontology LOOM Sweet Potato Ontology SAME_URI Vitis Ontology LOOM Vitis Ontology SAME_URI Rice Ontology LOOM Rice Ontology SAME_URI Wheat Ontology LOOM Wheat Ontology SAME_URI Groundnut Ontology LOOM Groundnut Ontology SAME_URI Fababean Ontology LOOM Fababean Ontology SAME_URI Chickpea Ontology LOOM Chickpea Ontology SAME_URI Sorghum Ontology LOOM Sorghum Ontology SAME_URI Woody Plant Ontology LOOM Woody Plant Ontology SAME_URI Yam Ontology LOOM Yam Ontology SAME_URI Pigeon Pea Ontology LOOM Pigeon Pea Ontology SAME_URI Cassava Ontology LOOM Cassava Ontology SAME_URI Cotton Ontology LOOM Cotton Ontology SAME_URI

Interportal mappings

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External mappings

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